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Carbs In Salmon: Is Salmon Keto? (Recipes!)

[*] FREE PRINTABLE: LOW CARB & KETO FOOD LIST GET IT NOW This post may contain affiliate links, which help keep this content free. (Full disclosure) On keto, you’ll quickly learn how easily you can fit meats like chicken wings, bacon, and turkey into your lifestyle. But what about seafood? Is salmon keto friendly? Are there even any carbs in salmon? Let’s take a closer look at nutrients and macros in salmon, and whether it works for a low carb lifestyle. New to counting carbs or keto? Learn the keto diet basics here and grab my printable keto cheat sheet system to make it easy. Is Salmon Keto Friendly? Absolutely! Salmon is one of the most keto friendly proteins because of its nutritional value and ultra low carbohydrates. If you’re also wondering, “Is salmon low carb?”, the answer is also yes! Given its very low carbohydrates, it’s easy to enjoy on any carb-conscious diet. Get Carb Counts & Track Macros With The Easy Keto App Track this food and thousands of others (plus recipes!) in the app. GET THE WEB APP Is smoked salmon keto? Although some smoked salmon contains added sugar, it can still be keto friendly because of low net carbs per serving. Always check labels to know the true carbohydrate count, and look for sugar free smoked salmon brands. For the BEST flavor and a squeaky clean version WITHOUT sugar, make your own homemade lox, which is very similar to smoked salmon. How Many Carbs In Salmon? Does salmon have carbs? It doesn’t! Salmon is a naturally “zero carb” food. 100 grams of salmon contains 0 grams total carbs, and net carbs in salmon are also 0 grams per serving [*]. Fresh salmon has no carbohydrates on its own, but preparing it with different added ingredients will alter the final carb count. How many carbs in salmon fillet? One medium salmon fillet steamed with only salt contains 0 grams total carbs and 0 grams net carbs [*]. How many carbs in grilled salmon? Since grilled salmon usually contains a marinade or spice rub, carbohydrate counts can vary. However, the carb count for the raw fillet is still 0 grams total carbs and net carbs [*]. How many carbs in baked salmon? One fillet of baked salmon made with salt and lemon juice contains 0.23 grams total carbs and net carbs [*]. If baked by itself with no added ingredients, though, it would have 0 grams total and net carbs. How many carbs in smoked salmon? How many carbs does salmon have when it’s smoked? One ounce of plain smoked salmon contains 0 grams total and net carbs [*]. Always check nutrition labels to be certain of carb counts, since brands can vary. How many carbs in salmon patties? Traditional salmon patties contain breadcrumbs, so they will have more carbohydrates than plain fish. A small conventional salmon patty contains 3.1 grams total carbs and 2.9 grams net carbs [*], making it a dirty keto option. However, you can make keto salmon patties with only 0.5g net carbs each and no grains. The chart below summarizes carbs and net carbs in all varieties of salmon: Serving SizeTotal CarbsNet Carbs1 medium fillet0g0g1 fillet, grilled0g0g1 fillet, baked0.23g0.23g1 ounce, smoked0g0g1 salmon patty3.1g2.9g Salmon Nutrition Salmon is a solid choice for a variety of dietary approaches, whether you follow a low calorie diet, high protein diet, or keto diet. Here are the full nutritional facts for one medium fillet, according to the USDA: 363 calories12.6 grams of fat132 mg cholesterol58.5 grams of protein0 grams of carbohydrates This fatty fish is naturally packed with vitamins and nutrients that can keep inflammation in check. Most notably, both farmed and wild salmon are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA. Having the right balance of omega-3 fats compared to omega-6 fats can support better heart health and potentially lower the risk for heart disease [*]. Salmon is also rich in an array of B vitamins, including vitamin B12, niacin, vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamin, and folic acid. Consumption of these vitamins is linked to better brain, mood, and nervous system health [*]. Ounce for ounce, salmon contains more potassium and sodium than bananas (both of which can help fight keto flu), as well as the recommended daily value of selenium. The most nutritious salmon is wild caught and what I always recommend. The highest quality varieties are king salmon, pink salmon, and coho salmon. Atlantic salmon is always farmed and I don’t recommend it. (Read more about the different salmon varieties and how to select salmon in my baked salmon or pan seared salmon posts.) Keto Salmon Recipes With so few carbs, it’s easy to create delicious keto friendly salmon recipes. Try it in appetizers, salads, patties, and so much more! Keto Grilled Salmon All the delicious benefits of salmon (plus a fast, flavorful marinade), with all the quick cooking power of your grill! Get The Grilled Salmon Recipe Baked Basil Pesto Salmon A burst of flavor from fresh pesto and tomato make this a weekend-worthy meal you can serve any day of the week. Get The Basil Pesto Salmon Recipe Conclusion: Can You Eat Salmon On Keto? With zero carbs in salmon and a long list of health benefits, this fish is the perfect protein choice for a low carb or keto diet. Make keto recipes with salmon to enjoy its delicious flavor and stick to your macros. FREE PRINTABLE: LOW CARB & KETO FOOD LIST GET IT NOW Reader Favorite Recipes The recipe card is below! Readers that made this also viewed these recipes:
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