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The Fastest Way To Lose Weight – MUST READ

The Fastest Way To Lose Weight 

The Fastest Way To Lose Weight

The Fastest Way To Lose Weight 

Hey guys i want  to share with you the absolute fastest way to lose weight okay .

I’m going to show you a strategy that will really work for you it’s based on one fat burning hormone called growth hormone it’s made by a little Glen in your brain called a pituitary and it works through the liver so growth hormone is the main fat burning hormone and one of the things that triggers growth hormone is intermittent fasting but I’m going to show you a strategy that I been very very successful.

 Step one : is you have three meals per day , you don’t have snacks, you don’t have five small meals a day, you have three meals a day okay, no snacks in between I’ll get to what to eat in a second, but I just want to explain the whole the template of what you’re going to do, so for three days you’re going to have three meals a day.
 not no grazing at night just three meals.

  Step two : now after three days you’re going to two meals a day, now you might not be hungry in the morning you might so if you’re not hungry in the morning have your first meal at lunch okay, then at dinner, but nothing in between, if you’re hungry in the morning have your first meal in the morning and then maybe you eat in the late afternoon, so you just want to spread it out like some people get hungry around 11:30 and then they get hungry at 4:00 that would be a good situation, but just make sure it’s two meals a day and no snacks in between okay. why because  the snacking is going to crease insulin and insulin is going to lower the growth hormone so we’re trying to spike growth hormone okay.

 Step three : after three days of two meals you’re going to do one and a half meals a day what does that mean ? it means that you’ll do the first meal okay, and it has to be big enough where you get the nutrients okay, and I’ll explain that in a second, but then instead of having a second meal, you’re just doing a shake a green shake and you can do a green shake powder, you can do an actual maybe some kale and some stevia berry flavored for your sweetness ,but you would just want a green shake okay, now if it blow too you better switch to maybe spinach or something like that but I like shakes, like a little bit of kale beet leaves and parsley and I put a little bit of flavored liquid stevia berry flavored.

 I can drink that and I feel really refreshed so that’s like your half a meal right there so it’s really only one meal, with some nutria with a lot of greens because, you want to flesh out the fat that’s being burned so, now after three days of doing one and a half meals you switch back to three meals a day okay.

 now for some people that don’t exercise very much and then have a real stubborn metabolism they might oscillate between two meals and one and a half meals two meals one and a half meals right, through in here some people need three meals so, you can depending on how you feel from this if you’re not too tired, you can go to three meals or just two meals so want to keep rotating this what are we doing we’re basically eating and then we’re not eating or eating we’re not eating back and forth to induce a fat-burning effect by spiking the growth hormone the key is what you eat.

 so the first thing you have is some vegetable, why? because it’s low carbohydrate it’s a lot of vitamins and nutrition  you need a lot of you need big salads or vegetables okay, I’m going to talk about corn though, so we got vegetable and then some protein so the amount of protein would be the size of a deck of a card or the palm of your hand okay, maybe it’s like five ounces that’s average sometimes a little bit lower sometimes a little bit higher and then we do some fat healthy fat why that’s going to allow you to go longer without getting hungry so you want to start off with low fats gradually increase it, so we’re talking peanut butter you can do if you do bacon make sure it’s like non hormone, none nitrate bacon, you can do coconut fat so you can do cook an oil you can make some keto bombs, you can do with that olives nuts pecans but we need to fat in there we don’t want to do low fat anything okay.

   Cautions and Tips :

 I don’t go lean anything so the key is no sugar no starches no rice no corn no potatoes no beings why because it’s too high in carb and no snacks now this is just the fastest way to lose weight and you will lose weight and it’ll be pretty healthy the key is keeping your greens up to flush up the fat that comes out so the point is we’re increasing growth hormone or rotating this and until you hit your goal now there’s other things you can do to speed it up even more like adding exercise but this will least get you started.  

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