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Why Can’t i Lose Weight

Why Can’t I Lose Weight

Why I Can’t Lose Weight

 Why people can’t lose weight?  let’s talk about the main issues that concern me most is that they do not eat what suits them best, or maybe they eat healthy and nothing works eat what is good for their body type or they eat healthy and it does not always work, so I will not pay too much attention to this part because it is the most obvious thing that people watch.

 I want to talk about the second problem that is basically your body’s ability to burn fat, you can say that your metabolism, you can tell the health of your metabolism the health of your body now you go to your doctor and he says oh you are healthy Mr Jones, you just need to lose weight, no, you have to be healthy to be able to lose weight, because if you were healthy, you should not have weight in the first place, because that’s the strength of your metabolism and we want to put more monitor your metabolism faster, burn fat more easily and do not make it so difficult instead of putting all this energy into the next diet that will come or the next pill will let us begin to focus on how can we improve our body’s ability to use foods to tap into the fat store and burn it so that health is really linked to this thing called recovery.

 Now what is recovery recovery your ability to bounce your stress exercise sleep so when you do exercise see change right away, does it take a lot of time just to take a lot up efforts when you do painful exercise and it lasts a week after a workout that would define what kind of recovery you have or are going to say that you feel stress for how long it takes to bounce the stress require you to staying a week can quickly let you down what was your stress tolerance are all things that tell us what is going on with recovery if you push your body up the stairs very quickly get you out of the easily easily test victory for recovery, you can even check your blood pressure it’s in my book that you take your recumbent blood pressure and then increase if your blood pressure drops instead of going up to fit that stress, we know that recovery is low, there is even other tests you can do and recovery, that’s why we want to use these different things to understand.

 What type of recovery do you have, because we can then adapt your workouts to your recovery ability and avoid over training, because if you are going to do p90x or maybe something will it have different gradients than p90x, let’s say a cross fit have you done huge hardcore workouts, you may not be able to not be ready for that, so we want to adapt to the workout our recovery if recovery is really the ability to transform your body.

 So when you fall asleep you go to sleep and you stay asleep for seven eight hours and you wake up Feeling refreshed if you do not do it then know that recovery is a problem if instead of getting up at 4:30 in the morning to go to work trying to stimulate your body, it would be much smarter to have a good night’s sleep to be able to let the fat burn because it is at that time that you burn fat night, how do we improve recovery we call this negative gain is something we do not have to remove things from your body and including the stress so I found that it’s the build-up of stress that destroys your over training mental stress recovery emotional stress all of this builds over time and now you do not recover, so we want to do things pull stress and it is why I recommend acupressure to do version itself.

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