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How To Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy Mummy’s Tummy

How To Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy  Mummy’s Tummy

How To Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy  Mummy’s Tummy

Hey ladies, I’m back here with Nika Karan, holistic coach and other yoga mom. One of the most common questions that many of you ask me is: how to get rid of that stubborn mom’s belly, I’m not a mom I’ve never seen her.

 Nika is actually a month with two really adorable sons she has gone through. She’s here to share everything you need to know about getting rid of mom’s belly so that Nika can spend a month on a mom’s belly. yes, that’s the question I ask myself many months after childbirth.

 Tips To Lose Mummy’s Tummy – Belly Fat.

 I’m really worried about their belly, it does not mean that they feel good and that it does not look great and that self-confidence is declining, eager to get rid of it, the problem is that many of us thought doing different exercises like crunches and shots and sometimes we do not see any results yeah and then we start asking ourselves the question, so I do all these exercises and if nothing happens the family does not move then the thing is we ac in the end, we need to step back and before we start doing exercises, we need to check our belly for something called Dian Fossey stretched side, this may sound a little awesome, some mummies n have no idea they have never heard of it I have never heard of it before having my second child, but I was thinking of giving my second child and a midwife checked me.

Ideas To Lose Belly Fat – Mummy’s Tummy.

 Below, I have a separation of abdominal muscles called diastasis  recti. In fact, when you are pregnant, you develop a baby in your belly and there is a lot of intra-abdominal pressure in the timing and the internal pressure causes the separation of the abdominal muscles, you know you have six abdominals  then you have the variety is always old, but usually, when there is too much pressure, imagine that your baby’s belly is growing, but the pressure is so great that the muscle is holding up more pressure and the separation is good. 

 Have separate abdominal muscles with which you can not start doing abdominal contractions or plans or any other traditional application exercises because we can just make it work well, so in this situation you need to step back and adjust a few simple exercises and strengthen your pelvic floor to strengthen your entire heart’s abdominal muscles, and then once you have finished your gap A little smaller, you can continue with your traditional exercises by strengthening and strengthening your money. 

Because if I did not know you if I was just looking at your pictures, I would not believe that you gave birth because you’re right that six beautiful packs of agreement always respect it even after childbirth how to make sure that you think it is not doing very well, the short answer is that it does not take a lot of time to lose consciousness because you see that I do not do t moms and they have flat belly but the thing is after her birth and your skin tense your belly will be sensitive skin extended even for me when I stand straight it looks nice and flat but the moment i’m going i’ll show you it’s the mo I’ll try to burn a little, you will see this little rough and sagging skin, it will be right there.

 I think, even though Danny’s muscles, I can feel my muscles underneath and they’re strong, I feel strong in my car, but the skin will still be there and still extended, but you know what will Well, it probably reminds me that my two little boys that I gave birth to will be like a little tattoo on that skin that I already wear with me forever, so do not be fooled by the fact that we’ll all have that skin will never be the same as you were 20 years old it will lose some of its elasticity and there is nothing to fear for me the most important thing .

The thing to do is to make sure that you are strong and that you build in does a conference and the lost force perfect at the beginning because it’s the basis of everything, so how can we check if we have with any right abdominal is actually a very simple exercise can do for check if you have downloaded split and once we check this, we can determine what kind of exercise to start again with .

So let’s start well so here’s how you’re going to do a simple task to see if Giada has an abdominal fracture, so start by deciding where you bend your knees slightly and lift your head, as if you were doing a crunch by gently engaging the center not too high, your back is so straight then you will take your hand and see where your belly button is fine so here is your belly button and you’re going to twist your hand and just try to see and measure here the inside does the finger actually go inside okay.

It’s not going inside here Giada like a stone map , but usually if you have a game of dominoes and you bend your hand, you are able to see how many fingers can go to the bottom of this little hole that slips into your abdomen muscles well in order to measure your abdominal shape use your fingers and that’s the measure to say that 1 2 3 4 fingers with when I’m pregnant after my second pregnancy the division was about 2 finger width and normally about 10% of the fingers even though they will have all kind of separate muscle separation u two to one or two, but a lot of times, this tends to go a little deeper and now, if it’s just a finger or two fingers, you do not have to worry as much usually after a few months, the muscles naturally start to go back together, but if the separation is greater than two fingers, you should be able to start with some basic exercises to strengthen your muscles and also help to narrow the gap, because closer muscles and, once done, you can progress with other bases.

Exercises To Lose Belly Fat –  Mummy’s Tummy.

 Exercises so now we’re going to show you five simple exercises that you can start doing now to strengthen your abdominal muscles your core of your pelvic floor and begin to fill that gap in your abs if you realize that everything is fine, so let’s start by lying on our backs, keeping your knees well bend your feet slightly below your knee and Here, your back is neutral to the neck, we will start with a fall or a blockage, you can simply bring it back between your knees and we will start by lowering our hands and simply try to squeeze the ball with your meat is doing well doing this you will learn how to engage your inner thigh when your inner thighs engages your abdominal muscles, your deep pelvic floor muscles are also engaged, but it slowly contracts.

 On your breath, you breathe a region, then you breathe in when you open and tighten again and again try to do it for ten rows, again tighten and ah well this is your first exercise now the second one we’re going to move on you go always squeeze the ball between your knees but now you will add lift the hips off the ground in a simple bridge pose and then squeeze as well then with pleasure go to lift and squeeze with exhale open inhale and exhale well once more inhale inhale inhale open inhale inhale well repeat eight more on inhale and squeeze and open and descend try to really breathe in the open pelvic floor and go down by more lift and squeeze open and go down plus four inhale pinched engaged in at eye level and get off the last three inspirations and open and get off remember to breathe, make sure your movements s have aware that you do not have to hurry the last round inhale open and get off well you could be inspired you can remove the block or the ball ok.

 Now let’s move on to another exercise so gently bring your knees to Athira Chaz hands on your knee and we will drop a heel to the left, I will lift it and still draw and slowly lift straight into hale and exhale and inhale and exhale well let’s do another five and exhale angel feeling your heart Johanna expire it’s really at first you may feel that you are not pushing your body too hard do not worry about it do not rush your body is fine it took you nine months to carry the baby and take your time to return in your good old condition well again one more and on the other side and back straight video you and from there we’ll move on to another exercise Let’s A sit down softly, okay.

 let’s get back on all fours and we’ll actually go on our four, all right, so bring your forearms and you have to adjust your hips.

 The return is right and we’re going to start missing your right hip hop your knee spinning and then slowly release as we rolled again engaging your pelvic floor you have to go to exhale up and everyone and exhale and come back and inspire another four Jen three and two one more and repeat on the other side the leg goes all the way up then slowly down and and wow awareness of your breath exhale and inhale try not to break your back and in five others when and scissors slowly no rush make sure that your muscles engage three and two and one yes and the last exercise we are going to do is what we have to do to strengthen our legs to strengthen our abdominal muscles. So let’s start so that you go down slowly while inhaling, then slowly exhale again. Inhale and exhale slowly and down, and make sure that tuck your bulges out of the guarding tail neutral four slowly and inspiring and another two and one and that’s it, these are your five exercises that you can start doing today.

If you notice that you have divided the dominoes, perform these five exercises. What’s really going wrong, it will not take you more than ten fifteen minutes a day and you will really begin to see your posture and the strength of your pelvic floor come back and I hope you will start. Fill in the gap and you can resume your normal exercise routine. What should he do better in the office if he had to walk a lot more each day? Yes, there is one thing if you can do something to actually help you develop that strength and bridge the gap by walking every day if you can walk with your baby for 30 minutes to an hour, you will definitely help to strengthen your muscles and mothers who gave birth to more than six years of age seven and well these exercises to be effective for them yeah that’s the thing that many moms are not aware of what they said and then you make all kinds of plans and plans and all the other terminal exercises and that’s the act finally, it’s not going to help and you’re still going to have that mom’s belly until you come back to the essential until you narrow the gap so yes certainly there is even about six years or even ten years ago, I’ve seen moms who are with how long since childbirth and he is still possible to narrow the gap and start to get rid of this Mummy’s Tummy with simple exercises so that moms can start these exercises right now at home, do it every day.

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