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Lose Belly Fat , Why You Should Get a Flat Belly

 Lose Belly Fat , Why You Should Get a Flat Belly

 Lose Belly Fat , Why You Should Get a Flat Belly

Dr. oz  programme on TV

Every black girl from books the TV and now the web to have a national conversation about health and wellness let’s start talking the number one thing people ask me about is dying and the problems with conventional diets is they depend on willpower.

 That’s question how many you can hold your breath indefinitely under water pretty hard right possible why because your biology will always beat you willpower no matter how much you want to die it ain’t going to work what you can do those nudge the biology blubber in the right direction now the first thing that I figure out is what are you measuring what a success .

Look like well it turns out it’s not your weight it’s your waist size which is the best predictor of Health, the ideal waist size measured at your bellybutton is about half your height take a look at this chart and see what your waist size should be while I take you through mine I’m six feet one inches tall so 6 times 12 inches to 12 inches in a foot extend a 2 inches add one more inch that’s 73 inches divided into 36 half and a half inches if I’m more than that I got too much belly fat going on if you’ve got too much belly fat problems start to happen and here is the big one let’s look at the omentum  this is an animation set yellow stuff there that still omentum  and that pad wouldn’t get rid of that per second there’s a liver up there the gall bladders the green stuff there’s the stomach of the food you ate earlier today and it’s being pushed down to the small bowel your bowel is going to mix that with bile the green stuff from the gallbladder and like a soap it’ll wash it and help it absorb through this very thin wall through the big portal vein this vein carries all the nutrients to deliver no matter what you eat the livers gonna metabolize it and send it out to the body feed healthy stuff the livers gonna love that if you unhealthy stop the liver will turn fatty this fat liver afflicts a quart of the pie place and then cementum starts to get pondra steel arms it pulls way across and because a big beer belly that so many folks have I Got News for You men after the age of 40 never buy a new belt sauce what they do they snip the belt under the fat right and they walk around like this and they waddle around like this all the time so you actually got to get the folks in your life to measure their waist size not the belt size but bellybutton over the hips to get that magical number again it’s gotta be half of your height now .
Lose Belly Fat : I brought you a little demonstration because I love organs this is actually what happens inside of your belly the reason your belly gets big is not cuz you got a little fat beneath the skin you get big fat under the muscle way inside where those organs are that I showed you normally momentum looks like this see it’s very thin very dainty it’s like pantyhose very elegant right here you can see through it almost I can see it right now what happens is instead of having that nice dainty moment you end up with this now compare this to this here’s a big difference there and that’s the difference that I’m talking about when you have this big pad of momentum here slopping up on side of your intestines there’s no way your body can keep up with it and it causes coronary artery disease it causes diabetes it causes hypertension that’s what I’m focused on today because this belly fat poisons your liver causing high cholesterol it squeezes the kidneys the kidneys have to jack up your blood pressure because the kidneys regulate your blood pressure and it also poisons the ability of insulin to work without that you get diabetes that’s why I’m always telling you to know you’re 5.

 What are the key 5 numbers you gotta know your weight your waist size?

 Your blood pressure your cholesterol and your fasting blood sugar ,all those are interrelated to your weight and the best way to change these numbers therefore is to lose that weight even a small loss can make a huge difference that’s what we talked about just 10 these bracelets the just 10 bracelets are all about losing just 10 pounds which we know for a 200-pound woman or less will reduce heart disease diabetes and arthritis by 1/2 big numbers big benefits from just 10 pounds no how do you lose weight well couple action steps that make sense high fiber breakfast get started the right way it’ll keep you going all day long and keep you satiated you won’t be foraging for food at 10:00 in the morning like a rodent number 2 you can have your snacks I won’t cheating all day long but keep the snacks smaller than a fist and always wash down their snacks with water .

Lose Belly Fat :I get that hedonistic desire to have more snacks out of your system that will be satiated and comfortable for a couple hours don’t eat food within three hours of bedtime because that way you go to sleep without the extra calories you wake up in the morning feeling nourished you’ll sleep better as well and you got to move 30 minutes a day if you do those things that I want you to track your weight weekly and your waist size monthly you have to smack you back if you’re going out of order and make sure you share in this information with the people you love now the day let me tell you something we all make mistakes I want you to be able to do is making u-turn you know you’re driving along you make a mistake on the road what does the GPS tell you it says at the next authorized moment make a u-turn not a big deal get back on track quickly stop beating yourself up about it remember that smart dieting is a marathon if you can automate a program then remember that success is about forgetting that you’re on a program you’re good to go making it easy to do the right thing ,is what I’m talking about and that’s how you’ll succeed as well .

Now one favor take what you’ve learned from this video until one other person to keep this vital conversation going together we can make America healthier for lots more info check out dr. oz calm .

 Lose Belly Fat , Why You Should Get a Flat Belly

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